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The era of the "Anthropocene" succeeds the "Age of Reptiles".

The modern reality is now defined by the impact of Humans on the Earth.

Homo Sapiens becomes "Consumerus",

the planet overheats, the asphalt gallops and the flora turns to cement.

The mass of plastic produced now weighs more than that of the marine and terrestrial fauna.

In palliative care, the Mezozoic, era of the "New Life", blows out the candles of the sixth mass extinction.

Faced with this "apocalyptic biological annihilation", Joe Rush imagines a mutant rebirth of species

from the remnants of our industrial society.

Parodying the traditional museography of the Natural History Museum, he creates a surrealistic and humorous paleontology born of an impossible evolution.

The fruit of an unnatural Darwinism, half-machines, half-animals,

his works feed on the carcasses of our civilization of hyper-consumption.

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