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I Am A Mutoid

a documentary by


"I am a Mutoid" was aired on BBC4 and was critics choice of the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph.

“I Am A Mutoid” traces the extraordinary artistic journey of Joe Rush, Glastonbury Festival’s master builder of rock n’ roll environments and dreamer of mutant worlds.
In 1984, Joe Rush founded the Mutoid Waste Company, a punk travelling collective of wild and subversive performers whose credo is the art made of waste, the free parties and the road.
Both a counterculture and a movement of resistance defending an underground ideal, they defied the Thatcher’s regime repression by staging spectacular illegal raves in derelict urban environments they occupied and mutated. From Glastonbury Festival to Berlin, Milan or Barcelona, their mechanical world of mutant installations and machines built on the military and industrial waste of our consumer society is legendary.

The wealth of rare and unseen archives filmed by the Mutoids themselves ( London warehouse party scene in 85, Glastonbury Festival in 87, Berlin in 89 and 92 ...) bears witness to the creativity, the freedom, the anarchy, the fight and the repression, the subversion and the rallying power of a travelling art movement that shook up the alternative cultural history of Europe and deeply influenced the festival culture.

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